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What Are Slots

If you've ever been to a casino you've likely been amazed at the sheer number of the “one-armed bandits” to choose from. From traditional spinning reel machines to video slots, multi-line slots, as well as progressive and non-progressive slot games and fruity friends as fruit machine. The variety is endless.

But there's a good reason why casinos are overflowing with them:

Casino slots, like the online slots found at OK!Scratchcards, are quick and easy fun games you can play without having any gambling knowledge or skill – and you can start playing with very small bets and still win big!

Slots at OK!Scratchcards

At OK!Scratchcards we make your gaming experience even more inviting with our free slots, special player bonuses and most importantly, our huge non-progressive jackpots.

What is a non-progressive jackpot and why does that make OK!Scratchcards so special?

Most slot machine jackpots are based on a progressive system. This means the amount you can win is always changing because it's based on the number of people playing any given game. The more players the higher the jackpot; however the down-side to this is that once the jackpot is won, it resets back to the minimum jackpot amount.

But with the non-progressive jackpots at OK!Scratchcards, the prizes you can win don't depend on the number of people playing or whether someone has already won – your jackpot will always be there for the taking.

To sweeten the deal even more, OK!Scratchcards offers many exclusive bonuses and prizes for our casino slots, like £10 Free when you sign up or up to 100% Cash Back on your first deposit.

And don't forget, all of the slot machines at OK!Scratchards are based on Flash-technology which means no download is needed – you can start spinning to play and win right away!

Learn How to Play Slots

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